At last my next Camino coming soon …. 2018

Excitement is growing, in just six sleeps I leave for Portugal and my Camino Portuguese.

I have decided to use the same blog address and the same theme of looking for gifts on the Camino de Santiago.

I will walk from Porto in Portugal to Santiago in Spain, along the Central Way. Approximately 289kms. Twelve days, with arrest day in between. Three good friends will join me at the end for four days of walking.

Feeling so blessed and so fortunate to be able to experience another Camino. Watch this space. ……

7 thoughts on “At last my next Camino coming soon …. 2018

  1. I will follow you with interest! I am leaving frimPorto on 20 September so will be hanging on your every word! Still thinking anout doing the Coastal though. Buen Camino! ( what do they say in Portugal I wonder?)


  2. Hi,

    Thanx for letting me know.

    It must be an amazing experience to just clear the mind and find new focus.

    Looking forward to your blogs.

    Kind regards,


  3. The day has arrived when you jetset out of Cape Town – windy, cold and wet to the wonderful sunshine of Portugal. It is going to be amazing to follow you as you find your gifts along the way whether out there walking or the new places you visit. Once again our Amazing Steph sets off on an adventure. Take care and know our love and prayers go with you


  4. Armchair travelling ? I love it. It’s another big adventure for me.
    Your photographs excellent…See the fascination with DOORS still there.
    Enjoy every minute. Love your Blog. Love from Mum God be with you all the way.

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